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Vegan in Northern Italy {Venice, Lakes, Dolomites}

Andiamo in Italia! After canceling all of our 2020 trips, I am very grateful to have renewed our Joyful Vegan Trips — taking all the precaution…

Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes — Plant-Based and Zero Waste

The Art of Teaching Cooking Ever since I started teaching vegan cooking classes in 1999, I’ve loved the art behind choosing the class theme and…

Good News for Animals and Nature (2022)

10 Reasons to be Hopeful for Animals and Nature As another year comes to a close, I wanted to give you 10 reasons to be hopeful for animals and…

Films Watched (and Rated) in 2022

As you’ll see below, we tend to get into themes when we watch movies — it might be a number of films by a certain director or about a particular t…

Food Waste and Animals

Thanks for listening to my NPR commentary about how the food waste we generate affects not just our wallets but the animals we attract to it. List…

Rwanda: A Clean, Green Country

We arrived in Rwanda after a long but uneventful flight from San Francisco to Vancouver to Istanbul to Kigali. We feel like we’re back in our seco…
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Tuscan Italian Cuisine — Beans, Biscotti, Bread, and Olive Oil (Part Three)

Our culinary tour of Italy continues as we finish up central Italy by focusing on its most famous region: Tuscany / Toscana. Famous for its olive oil, wine, beans, bread, and treats like biscotti, this region’s cuisine is all about highlighting simple, fresh, regional ingredients. AFFILIA…

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