A Simple Reminder Makes a Huge Difference

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There are SO many ways we can get involved to make sure the issues we care about — human rights, animal protection, and environmental protection — are represented in our local, state, and federal governments.⁠⠀
One of them is by voting. ⁠⠀
Yes, we need election reform to make sure everyone who is eligible CAN vote. Period. Full stop. ⁠⠀
But we also need to vote … and make sure everyone who is eligible WILL vote. Because when people vote, the majority of them vote for the things we all care about — human rights, animal protection, and environmental protection.⁠⠀
? Watch this short video about an organization I volunteer with to see if you want to get involved as well. It’s so simple, and it just takes a little time, a few words, and a stamp.

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