Animalogy Podcast COMING IN JANUARY!

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As January 20th approaches, not everyone is talking about the inauguration of the 45th president but about the animals hidden within the word itself. Just in time for Inauguration Day, I’m launching Animalogy, a podcast about the animal-related words and expressions we use every day and how they affect and reflect our relationship with other animals. The inaugural episode, Inauguration: On a Wing and a Prayer, takes us back to the politics of ancient Rome to reveal the birds behind the word.

To make sure you don’t miss the first episodes, be sure to subscribe to these blog posts (in the sidebar to your right!), as well as to the main mailing list below. You can also support the podcast and receive the written transcripts + more by becoming a Patron!

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Enjoy the excerpt from Animalogy below, and listen to the Food for Thought episode in which I provide all the details about what you can expect from this very exciting project I’m so proud you’re a part of.

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