Doesn’t Bee-Keeping Supporting Declining Bee Populations?

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We all know about the decline of bee populations around the world, but we’re thinking about the wrong bees. There are more than 25,000 bee species globally, but when most people think about bees, they tend to think only of the European honeybee, a species that has been domesticated for crop pollination and honey production — a species not native to the U.S.

We cultivate honey bees just like chickens, cows, and pigs, and like all agriculture animals, their high population is a harm to wild populations: they compete directly for nectar and pollen, transmit diseases, and push wild bees out of their native areas.

Well-intentioned though it might be, keeping honeybees and managing beehives does nothing to protect wild pollinators and actually make it worse for them. Scientists who study bees say it’s like farming chickens to save wild birds.

A lack of flowers is one of the main factors behind the decline in bee populations, so if you want to help bees, forget about beekeeping and honey. Rather: create bee habitats: plant pesticide-free, bee-friendly gardens filled with a VARIETY of pollen- and nectar-rich NATIVE plants.

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