Elephants and Ethical Tourism

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I’ve had the privilege and honor of being in the presence of these magnificent beings in:


And in September, we hope to see them in France at Europe’s first sanctuary for elephants rescued from circuses and zoos. 🥰  (Check out Elephant Haven.)

France just announced its plans to re-open by June, and with the hope that’s on the horizon, our 2021 trips are filling up! 🥳

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🙏Just as ivory belongs to elephants, elephants belong in the wild. ⠀

As I discuss in my Food for Thought podcast episode “Ethical Tourism,” please remember (and remind your friends and family) to avoid any outfit — both domestically and internationally — that involves / sells / promotes any of the following experiences: 

*Elephant Rides
*Elephant Paintings
*Elephants in Zoos
*Elephants in Circuses 

…or the use of elephants in any form of entertainment. 

—Hooks / Bull-hooks
—Baby elephants without their mothers
—a place that calls itself a “sanctuary” but has elephants chained in any way or allows riding or sells paintings by elephants

HAVE YOU BEEN TO AN ELEPHANT SANCTUARY? Please let me know in the comments below!


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