Fat Shaming and Fat Vegans

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I hear people say things like, “Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Many vegans eat junk food and are overweight or they offer unsolicited advice to someone they see — in person or a photo of and say, “Too bad they’re overweight. If they became vegan, they’d lose weight.” Or a vegan will say “I want to lose weight and look fit so I can inspire others to be vegan.” That’s one point of view. Here’s my point of view.

[Tweet “This I guarantee: Being vegan is not a formula for immunity against being human.”]

[Tweet “WARNING: When we become vegan, we remain human.”]


  • It’s not how you look on the outside it’s what is going on inside. If your blood work is excellent and you have a good AA/EPA ratio – Triglycerides – A1c is under 5 you are good to go. The blood doesn’t lie. Some people do poorly being Vegan if they are not getting enough EPA/DHA and the right protein out of their foods. Some overweight animal protein eaters can have excellent blood work. We are all different, so no use judging people. Stick to what is best for you and your blood work. ?

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