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Skipping the Middle Animal: The Nutrients We Need are Plant-Based.

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The nutrients we need are not animal-based

Perhaps the biggest, most persistent nutrition myth is that the nutrients we need are animal-based.

We’re told we should get calcium from cow’s milk, omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, and protein from meat.

In fact, the nutrients we need are plant-based. Not animal-based.

The only nutrient we need that’s not plant-based is vitamin B12, but it’s not animal-based, either. It’s synthesized by bacteria.

Skip the middle animal

We need to skip the middle animal and go directly to the source of these nutrients: plants. When we do, we skip the saturated fat, dietary cholesterol, animal protein, and lactose.

When we skip the middle animal, we also go straight to the vitamins, minerals, fiber, folate, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that enable us to live and thrive.

Listen to this podcast episode about why it makes absolutely no sense nutritionally, ethically, or ecologically to go through an animal to get to the nutrients that the animal got because the animal (theoretically) ate plants.


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