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Prevent Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

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…all while being an effective advocate and voice for animals. In our 3 hours together, we will be focusing on how a mindfulness and compassion practice can heal and prevent compassion fatigue, burnout, and empathic distress.

If you missed the live event, for a limited time, you can receive the 3 hours of video presentations, plus reading materials and resources! Reviews of happy participants can be found here.


By the end of our 3-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • Practical strategies for cultivating a compassionate orientation to the world — one that looks through the lens of hope instead of despair and optimism instead of cynicism
  • How to foster a commitment to animals and advocacy without feeling guilty that you’re not doing enough or bearing witness enough
  • Everyday tools for deepening your compassion and connection with friends, family, strangers, and yourself
  • How to prioritize resilience, self-care, and healthy empathy so you can increase your impact without compromising your mental health
  • And so much more!

Drop into the present moment

I don’t know about you, but that is certainly easier said than done. It’s so tempting to look back on the past with remorse and regret. It’s so easy to look to the future with dread and fear. In all those ways, we’re not in the present moment.

One strategy I’ve often used and shared with others is to look down at your feet when you’re in your head, worrying about the future or lamenting about the past.

Another practice I find useful is a Five Senses Check-In. It’s very simple. From wherever you are at anytime, simply acknowledge:

  • five things you can see
  • four things you can touch
  • three things you can hear
  • two things you can smell
  • one thing you can taste.

I actually enjoy this very much and often find myself smiling as I bring all of my attention to the present moment. Try it, and let me know what you think.

Read some reasons people have registered:

“Sometimes I get a bit of compassion fatigue and I just ignore everything or I start to get hopeless and sad and overwhelmed about the world. I am hoping to get some coping skills and habits to help me with this.”

“Although I’m not currently experiencing burn out related to compassion fatigue, I have in the past, so am looking forward to Colleen’s tools for preventing it from happening again. I know that any workshop by CPG is going to be helpful and an excellent use of my time and money. 💜”

“I am so excited about the upcoming workshop! Recently, I have felt that I’ve lost something. I feel like I need to figure out how to deal with this and renew my compassion and conviction.”

“I am joining your workshop because I’ve been vegan about 8 months and it has been a very dark and painful time. I did get immediately into animal rights activism, and I overdid it, even though I had read about burnout. I ignored the signs and plowed ahead, and just about did burn out. I am looking to add to my toolkit to include self-compassion.”

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