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Are Vegan Companies Selling Out to Meat Companies?

Some vegans think so.

I talk about the phenomenon that is causing vegan / plant-based companies to flourish and meat/dairy/egg companies to get in on the game.

Cynics may point out that they’re just in it for the money; realists may point out that they’re just in it for the money.

Watch my video about this trend, then read my article about this over at LiveKindly, an online magazine for whom I am a contributor.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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Buying In or Selling Out? When Meat and Dairy Corporations Buy Vegan Companies

The animal-based meat, dairy, and egg companies are not committed to killing and hurting animals as much as they’re committed to making money. If the meat, dairy, & egg industries could make as much money NOT killing and hurting animals, they’ll do it. Buying into the success of vegan companies enables them to do that. Isn’t that what we want?

The plant-based foods market recently topped $3.1 billion in sales and is slated to reach over $5 billion in just a couple years. As a result, the animal-based meat, dairy, egg, and other large corporations see vegan companies and the plant-based products they make as competitors they should fear, emulate, learn from, collaborate with, invest in, or even purchase. They recognize they need to “buy into” the success, growth, and future of the plant-based market. Some, however, see it as vegan companies “selling out,” choosing profit over principles and betraying their loyal vegan customer base. On today’s episode, we explore the many perspectives of such business decisions and speculate about who the biggest winners are in the end.


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