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I’m An Animal Advocate. And I Have Hope.

I’ve been an animal advocate for more than 25 years, and I see enough cruelty every day to have a pretty bleak view of the world: And yet, I have hope.  No, I’m not a mythical creature. No, I’m not delusional, and yes, I’m paying attention. So much so that I’m quite aware, for instance, that in the U.S. every year, over 9 billion animals are brought into this world only to be killed for human consumption. Elephants are killed in their homes for their tusks. And wild animals face the consequences of global warming.

And yet, I have hope. I have hope because…well, you’ll just have to listen! 

  1. Listen on KQED’s website
  2. Listen to the audio below
  3. Watch the video with audio attached. 

In any case, please share. I think animal advocates and vegans need to hear this message more than ever. 

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