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Halloween Movies with an Animal Theme

Don’t worry! I don’t recommend films in which animals are the victims of gruesome violence. So, grab some popcorn, get a pen and paper, and settle into this episode where I share my suggestions for films that are perfect for Halloween — for kids and adult alike. 


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How I’m Fixing My Halloween Reputation

I’m like a lot of autumn-loving Americans: I ADORE HALLOWEEN. I’m one of those wimpy folks, however, who doesn’t like the scary aspects. Rather, I like the pumpkins, the haystacks, the fruits of the harvest, and the autumn leaves. (YES, there are deciduous trees in California whose leaves turn color!).

I also like trick-o-treaters, but my neighbors are convinced nobody comes to our door — because we live 100 feet up from the street. It’s about 75 stairs and 100 actual footsteps. I do not exaggerate.

The awesome thing is that kids do climb the steps; it’s the parents who stay below.

But I will admit: in the last few years, I haven’t exactly made it worth their trip. When we first moved here, I, too, believed no one would come, so I just got some organic lollipops from Trader Joe’s and thought that praising the kids (and sending them off with a few lollipops) would make it worth their journey. But last year, I realized I was wrong.

While down at street level with a number of costumed friends for a party we were throwing (that hadn’t yet made its way into the house), some kids were passing by, and one pointed up to my house. He said to his friend with great indignation: “Oh man! I climbed all the way up those stairs last year, and all I got was a lousy lollipop.” I was horrified (and actually very amused). I was also determined to change my reputation.

I can’t say I’ve gone all out this year, because I did buy those organic lollipops again. (Maybe it’s just an excuse for me to buy — and eat them.) But I also baked chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting (from The Joy of Vegan Baking, of course) — that I tinted orange.

Definitely an improvement.

Once finished, I lamented that I have no Halloween-y decorations to top the cupcakes with, so my quick-thinking self made a dash for the fridge in which I had leftover Chocolate Haystacks a friend had brought to our Halloween party the night before.

They’re not amazing, and I’ll do better next year, but at least I’ve turned the corner — hopefully — at improving my Halloween reputation. I’ll have to keep an ear out to listen for any complaints (or praises) on the street.

What treats do you give out? Do you have an amazing reputation? Or do you want to work with me on improvements? 🙂

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