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If We Don’t Have Time to Be Sick, We Have to Make Time to Be Healthy

One of the most common excuses for not eating a healthful, plant- based diet is, “I just don’t have time to cook.”

We’ve become so dependent on processed, packaged, frozen, and fast food that our barometer for how much time we should spend on pre- paring our meals has become completely skewed. Our idea of how long we should spend on cooking (and eating!) has become completely dis- torted. Our threshold for chopping vegetables tends to be about “zero.”

We need a new measuring stick.

Simply by virtue of the fact that what we know that we can survive – and actually THRIVE – on a plant-based diet and have no nutritional requirements for the flesh or fluids of animals — that we have no need to kill animals for our own survival, means that we need to take a hard look at our excuses for killing over 10 billion animals in this country alone every year.

Fifteen to thirty minutes is a reasonable amount of time to spend on making healthful food for our families and ourselves, and it’s not only possible, it’s imperative. Taking fifteen to thirty minutes a day to nurture ourselves, to nourish our bodies, and to feed our families is really no time at all.

If we think we can’t find a few minutes a day to take care of ourselves or those who depend on us, then perhaps we need to reexamine our priorities.

The bottom line is if we don’t have time to be sick, then we have to make time to be healthy.