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Hi Colleen,

I’m at work now and it’s super hectic (am on a break!) but I made the smart choice of listening to your latest podcast (I’ve listened to them all and have actually started going through them again the second time!) and I wanted you to know that I had a moment where everything just clicked and made sense:

For years I have been inspired by various spiritual leaders – it really intensified with A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and the shows he did on the subject with Oprah and currently I’m reading A Return to Love by Marianne Williams.

I didn’t necessarily connect the dots between listening to your podcasts and becoming vegan in the process to the fact that I obviously have a need and really want to connect to my true (and compassionate!) self but it is all connected and being vegan is not separate from wanting to become more spiritual – it’s all the same thing!

I am SO excited about the May retreat and even more so after listening to your podcast earlier – I believe it was meant to be and that it really is about so much more than being vegan. I totally get that being vegan is one of the means , not the end. However, now that I am vegan, I finally feel much more compassion in general and I also feel myself changing for the better in so many ways.

Gotta get back to work but just wanted to thank you again so much for what you do and for putting the weekend together. Can’t wait to meet you and the other attendees and am looking forward to being even more inspired and learning some practical steps to deepen the already awesome feeling I now have and to learn how to be of service in this great “cause”!

Hugs & Love,

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