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Joyful Vegan Trips

JOYFUL VEGAN TRIPS are specifically curated for my audience to ensure high-quality, high-touch premium trips. The focus of these all-inclusive adventures is on regional plant-based cuisine, cruelty-free activities, and unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Expect mouth-watering meals, animal-focused activities and sanctuary visits, dedicated time with me, and a compassionate group of like-minded individuals.

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Here is a glance at the Joyful Vegan Trips you can currently book. Click on Details and Booking for detailed itineraries and booking links.

Northern Italy: Mountains, Lakes, and Canals (2024)

June 16 to June 24, 2024

Mountains (hiking in the Italian Alps!), lakes (boating on Lake Garda), and canals (Gondolas in the one and only Venice). A trip for all the senses, you do not want to miss this adventure.

Enchanting Japan: Culinary Treasures and Timeless Traditions

March 22-March 31, 2024

(SOLD OUT!) Bustling Tokyo, historic Kyoto, serene countryside, tranquil temples, tea ceremony, bullet trains, sake, world-class cuisine…join me on a memorable journey to the Land Of The Rising Sun!

Rwanda: Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees

November 25 to December 3, 2024

 (EARLY BIRD PRICE!) Rwanda is officially on our itinerary for 2024! This is a life-changing trip that starts in the beautiful capital of Kigali, ventures south to the chimpanzees in the rainforest, then up along gorgeous Lake Kivu to end in the Volcanoes Mountains with our close cousins, the mountain gorillas!

A Few Testimonials 💛

My good friends and travel experts Brighde Reed and Sebastien Ranger of World Vegan Travel are my stellar partners in this endeavor. Their expertise, attention to detail, and travel knowledge all go into creating the most incredible travel experiences.