Want to Save the Planet? Let’s STOP Changing the World!

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Thanks for watching AND SHARING (sharing is caring!) this important appeal on Earth Day and every day!

On Earth Day, the well-intentioned rallying cry to “change the world” becomes louder and more hashtag-worthy. A cursory search on Google or Amazon for the phrase garners millions of results for articles and books to excite and inspire readers to make a difference.

The problem is that we’re asking the wrong thing of people.

It’s not that we CAN change the world. It’s that we ARE changing the world in ways that have deleterious and often irreversible effects for ourselves and the billions of other life forms with whom we share this planet.

In other words, we don’t need to change the world. We’re already doing that. What we need to do is stop changing the world.

Here’s my point of view.

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