Your Plastic-Free Journey Begins Today!

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Welcome to Plastic-Free July! Don’t worry if you didn’t plan on making some changes this month. I’ve got you covered.⁠

Whether you’re consciously following #plasticfreejuly or just want to reduce (or be aware of) the amount of plastic you use, consume, and buy, you can join the journey at any point. ⁠

I’m going to be posting content to guide you wherever you are, and I encourage you to ask questions, provide resources, or support someone else — either here or on Instagram or Facebook.

FIVE TIPS TO GET STARTED! Watch this short video that provides the foundation for living with intention and compassion: ⁠

1. Take a look at where you’re at (and start there). ⁠
2. Have fun with it. Gamify it!⁠
3. Create an intention — what do you want to bring to this experience? What do you want to take away from it?⁠
4. The journey isn’t about buying all new plastic-free things.⁠
5. Value / use what you already have. ⁠

Ready to get started? ⁠
How can I help? ⁠
What are you looking for? ⁠
What are your challenges?⁠



Don’t forget to: ⁠

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